Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering and Buying

How do I place an order?

Where is your store located?

Do you deliver?

What are your flavors?

How do I find out what ice cream flavors you have available and how do I order?

The flavor/s I want are not in available, how do I place an order?

Do you have ordering cut-offs?

Is there a minimum order?

I've put items on my cart but I don't have any shipping options available/visible?


How do I pay for my order?

I don't have Paypal or Credit Card. How do I pay via Bank Deposit?


Delivery and Shipping

How much is shipping/delivery to my area?

What areas do you cover in your shipping/delivery?

When do you deliver and how soon will my ice cream package/order arrive??

If I order online, how do you ship my order?

What is your Returns Policy?


Why "The Blissful Story"?

What what makes your ice cream special?

Why Carabao's Milk?