Collection: Carabao Dairy

Elevate your ice cream experience with the purest, creamiest indulgence at our shop. We pride ourselves on handcrafting our carabao milk ice cream from scratch, using only the finest natural ingredients. Unlike big commercial brands, we steer clear of additives, opting instead for real butterfat from carabao milk and fresh eggs. Our slow-churning process, inspired by old-school techniques, yields a dense, velvety texture with less than 30% overflow. We take immense care in creating homemade mixins, pastes, and sauces of the highest quality, paired with locally sourced carabao dairy and eggs. Every small batch we create guarantees the freshest, most delectable carabao milk ice cream you'll ever taste. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the utmost indulgence by experiencing our handcrafted carabao milk ice cream today!