Blissful Rewards Loyalty Program


Earn delightful rewards each time you indulge in the Freshest, Creamiest Premium Artisanal Carabao Ice Cream in Manila. Sign-up for our Blissful Rewards program now.

Our Blissful Rewards Program is our way of saying thank you for sharing our love for real, natural ice cream a scoop at a time. Every time you make a purchase online or from any of our weekend carts you earn Bliss points that can be converted to cash discounts. 
Here's how to earn Blissful Points!
  • Create a store account = 50 Bliss Points
  • Place an order at the Online Store or at the GWM POP-UP Scoop Shop = 1 Bliss Point for every PhP1 spent
  • Share website on Facebook = 100 Bliss Points
  • Share website on Twitter = 10 Bliss Points
  • Like our page on Facebook = 100 Bliss Points
  • Follow us on Twitter = 100 Bliss Points
  • Your Birthday = 50 Bliss Points
  • Follow us on Instagram = 100 Bliss Points
And the fastest way to earn points:

    Refer a friend = 500 Bliss Points (points are earned when your friends makes their first purchase). Your friend gets 5% off their first order.

    The Bliss Points you earned can be redeemed as cash discounts when you purchase on our online store or at our POP-UP Scoop Shop at the Greenfield Weekend Market:

    500 Bliss Points = PhP35 Discount 
    1,000 Bliss Points = PhP70  Discount 
    2,500 Bliss Points = PhP140 Discount 
    5,000 Bliss Points= PhP350 Discount 

    What are you waiting for, join us.  Just click the BLISSFUL REWARDS tab on the left side of this page. Signing up is fast and easy!

    If you've already signed up for the program, SIGN-IN to your BLISSFUL REWARDS Account here.