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Dig In Now, Pay Later


Craving a pint of ice cream?

Nothing is sweeter than being able to dig in now and pay later. Well, were so pleased to tell you that you can do just that at our online store via Atome and Paymongo.

What is Atome?

Atome (thru Paymongo) is our new Buy Now, Pay Later partner. You can now split your purchase at our store into 3 interest-free installments using any Visa and Mastercard credit/debit card once you choose Atome at checkout. 

How it works

You can pay using Atome in just a few minutes! All they need to do is create an Atome account and input your credit/debit card details. The first payment begins at the point of purchase while the next two payments will be 30 days apart. 



Try it and order now. Click on the button below to see what's Currently Available in our freezers at the moment.


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