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Cookie Monster

Blue Vanilla Ice Cream loaded with crunchy cookies and candy pieces

"Me want cookie!!!! Om nom nom nom!"

A true ode to our favorite love-able blue monster from Sesame Street with a very acute sweet tooth, our Cookie Monster ice cream flavor is a cookie lover’s dream come true! Perfect Blue Vanilla Ice cream just like Cookie Monster himself, loaded with chock full of crowd-pleasing crunchy cookies crammed with real chocolate chunks and candy coated fudge pieces. Each scoop is creamy and dreamy. Share a pint with your favorite little cookie monster(s) and share a sweet, blissful smile with every bite.

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Fresh Carabao Milk, Heavy Cream, Raw Sugar, Madagascar Vanilla, Egg Yolks, Sea-Salt, Cookie Dough (butter, wheat flour, water, salt, raw sugar), Chocolate Chip Cookies (wheat flour, semi-sweet chocolate chips, butter, coconut oil, baking soda), Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (Unbleached enriched flour, wheat flour, palm oil, leavening, salt, soy lecithin, cocoa powder), candy coated morsels (sugar, palm oil, cocoa powder, dextrose, whey, confectioners glaze, soy lecithin).

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Nuts, Eggs, Dairy